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To initiate the registrant transfer process you will need to contact your registrar of record, who will require you to fill out a form asking you to provide details of the transfer and other relevant information. If you don’t know who your registrar is, you can find out by doing a WHOIS search.


In accordance with iCANN Domain Policies, the registrar must:

  1. receive a completed transfer form;
  2. check that the proposed new registrant is an eligible entity; and
  3. obtain confirmation of the request for transfer from the current registrant contact.

The following information is standard domain name transfer details you may have be interested in reviewing if there are challenges during the domain transfer process.

Requirements to Transfer your Domain Name

The following requirements must be met before you can transfer your domain name:

  1. Since transfer confirmation is done via email, the Administrative Contact email address listed on your domain name must be valid.  If you are unsure, please perform a WHOIS lookup on your domain name.
  2. For most types of domains, the domain name must be at least 60 days old.  This is a Registry-imposed requirement that affects all Registrars.
  3. If your domain name is expired, it must be within the domain's grace period.
  4. There must be no locks or holds on your domain name.  If you need to have your domain name unlocked or to have an expired-hold removed, contact the your Registrar.
  5. Once you have choosen a new domain registrar to transfer the domain to, initiate the request from your new registrar.  If you are transfering your domain away from TownLife, our support department will receive the confirmation email (if we are managing your domain and listed as the administrative contact email address) and complete the transaction for you. 
  6. You must have the Authorization Code (Auth Code or EPP Key) for most types of domain names to complete the final step of the domain name transfer.

NOTE: Some types of domain (the TLD) may have specific requirements not mentioned in this section. Refer to Specific Domain Info for more information.

Transfer limitations for specific types of domains (TLDs)

* .CN � You cannot transfer domains 15 days before their expiration date

NOTE: All types of domain names may not be listed here. Please see its area in Specific Domain Info to double check.

Why can't I transfer my domain name?

If you wish to transfer your domain name to another domain name company, there are some factors which can either delay or prohibit the transfer from happening.  All issues have a solution, but some issues may take some time to resolve.

Brief list of issues affecting domain name transfers

  1. Domain is 60 days or older: Domains must have existed for 60 days or longer.  New domain registrations cannot be transferred until this time has passed.
  2. Domain Unlocked: The domain name must not have a Lock on it.  You must contact the current domain name registration company for the domain name to have locks removed.
  3. Domain Authorization Code: For most types of domains, you require a specific Authorization Code for the domain name to authorize the transfer.  The current domain name registration company can provide this to you, however it may also be obtained within their web-based interfaces online.  If this domain is with Tucows, you can learn how to obtain the Authorization Code through this page.
  4. Valid Administrative Contact: For most types of domains, you must have a valid and functional Administrative Contact email address to receive the transfer confirmation notification emails.  It's a good idea to turn off your anti-SPAM email filters while the domain transfers in order to receive these emails.  If this email address is invalid and no longer works, you will need to update it through your current domain name registration company.  If the domain name is with Tucows, the update can be accomplished through this page.

This list applies to .COM, .NET, and .ORG domain names but also apply to many other types of domain names.   Specific issues for other types of domain names are contained within the Transfer of Domain Registrations section of this website.

How can I speed up my domain name transfer?

All transfers that are approved by the "gaining Registrar" (the new Registrar who submitted the transfer for the domain) will auto-approve ("AUTO-ACK") itself after 5 days for most types of domain names.

In some cases the "losing Registrar" (the Registrar the domain is transferring-away from)  will send an email to the Administrative Contact for the domain name allowing them to approve the transfer-away.  Once the confirmation with the "losing Registrar" is approved, the domain name will have officially transferred to the new "gaining Registrar" who started the transfer.

Due to delays involved in processing completed domain name transfers, the final approval may not be recognized by the "gaining Registrar" until 24 hours have passed.