Who can Advertise?

Only business members have the privilege to advertise.

These advertisements appear on community group and sporting association sites, clearly indicating that they are ads.

Your advertisement is regionally targeted and all ads are given equal accessibility for their area.

Where are Advertisements Shown?

Community groups are given a price discount and the opportunity to receive the same service we offer municipalities (including dedicated uptime, business-class email, and exceptional Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and ongoing development) on the condition that a small advertisement displays on your website. The restriction is that the ad must be for a business that is in your same area. This way the businesses' annual fees are supporting your reduced operational costs and in return the community groups help increase exposure for these key businesses. It becomes a win-win arrangement.

Community Group Concerns

As a community group you are in the same category as the many libraries on our system, and we would be sure never to devalue your website by promoting potentially offensive businesses on your site. 

Most importantly we value happy customers, and the primary purpose has always been for Local Community-minded businesses to be better connected to the community groups in their area.  The idea has always been to strengthen the connection of community, not erode it.

At this time our policy simply disallows such businesses from even having a website on TownLife, even if this policy were to change there is a way to upgrade your website so that no advertising appears � but this would mean a higher monthly fee.  We recommend starting where other groups already are, and just letting us know if you have any concerns.

For your reference, see more details in our terms of use: