It is important that you do not insert your email address into a webpage.If you make a page that says

“Please contact for more information.” You are inviting spam into your email box.  The proper method is to do something like “Please email support for more information.” where support would have link to the email address.  


The ultimate email protection is to NOT put any email address or link with an email address anywhere online, this forces your visitors to use the email us form and becomes extremely safe.  

Use the Website Email Contact Form 

By using the contact form built into your website you hide your email address, but allow people to still message you.

Then, once you reply to someone’s message that has been sent from the “email us” form on your website they have your email address and communication can continue normally through any email program.  

What we are trying to do is protect that first point of contact so that only your trusted friends, customers, or members have your email address.