Your webpages are the core component of your website.  The following describes some key components.

VIDEO: Building TownLife Webpages from TownLife on Vimeo.


Page Name - this is the title of your page to be used in the navigation, best make this a short 1 word term

Parent - if this page belongs as a subcategory of another page, we call the page a parent (for example your "About Us" page could be a parent for "Our History" and "Our Board Members")

Show / Hide - if you wish to modify a website but not have it appear in your navigation menu just HIDE the page.  If you give the URL to someone they can always load this page but it will remain 'hidden' from most visitors because it will not appear in your navigation menus.

Page Editor - this is the fully functional xHTML compliant website editor (please see the dedicated page for our editor help, noted below)


If you wish to have a custom banner (usually an image of max width 550 pixels) that only appears for this page, this can be modified using the "banner tab".

Quick Links

The quick links appear just above the Action Steps on your page.  The purpose of a quick link is to allow the readed a quick reference list of hyperlinks and attachments pertaining to your webpage (for example the policy manual may want to include links to the provincial legislation, another website, a pdf in your document library, and and application form - these would all be found in the quick links of your page).


Everytime you PUBLISH a webpage (which saves your changes) the old versions are kept in the "revisions tab" to allow you a historical record and archive.  Old versions of the webpage can be restored or viewed at your convienence.