What is a BLOG?

A Blog (or web log) is an invitation for your visitors to comment on what you have published.  Where a webpage is a one-way piece of communication, in a Blog you post your ideas or opinions and the audience has the opportunity to leave comments.

Rest-assured as the owner of the website EVERY comment must be approved by your before it shows up on your website.  This moderation allows all TownLife customers confidence that your website will only show information after your approval.

Why Blog?

1. Announce Your Changes

When the home page shows your latest blogs, this allows you to show your latest changes as announcements. Blogs can be used as News feed to let your visitors know what has changed recently on your website.

2. Become a Leader

Each post your publish establishes your website as the source of information for that topic.  You have the opportunity to include aspects of your personality and things that matter to you.

3. Engage your Visitors in a Dialogue

When your audience is given the opportunity to comment they become a part of your website.  This allows you to continually add value and information to future customers and become the center of an industry-relevant dialogue with customers and partners.

How do you Blog?

Creating a Blog requires a subject, category and body of your ideas.  The subject allows a quick reference to your viewers about the article you have written, while categories allow you to sort/group ideas that are relevant to each other.