Power of the Photo Album

If you have photographs you wish to display, create a photo album.  Multiple photo albums can exist to help keep your photos organized.

As a TownLife enhancement you can also allow your visitors to submit photos to a photo album.  The benefits of interactivity are profound, and help increase return visitors.

ACCEPTS VISITOR SUBMISSIONS? If you wish to open this album up to user submissions, check this box. Photos uploaded by users will need to be approved by an administrator before appearing on the site.
As a TownLife customer, any photo sent will only be displayed on your website AFTER your approval. 

Automatic Resizing

One of the many benefits of your photo album is the automatic resizing of your pictures.  Thumbnails, small, medium, large images are created right when you upload your precious images.


Note: If you require any photo touch-ups, cropping etc.  Please do this prior to uploading your photograph.