Why use a Document Library?

The purpose of the document library allows for organization, sorting, storing and a consistent method for retrieving information.  The single most powerful benefit of using the TownLife document library is that when you upload a document every term within the file is searchable.

For example, if you upload July2009council_minutes.pdf to a standard website you could only find this if you search for a word in the file name.  On TownLife our search looks inside each document and retrieves information relevant to your search request.  So if you search for "dog bylaw" and this was amended during the July 2009 Council Minutes this would be returned on your TownLife search!

Automatically Searchable

Did you know all PDF's added to your bylaw or document library are automatically made searchable on our system? This means even if you print it out and sign it, we can still ensure the text is searchable when added to your website!

How to Create a Document Library?

The NAME of your document library becomes the name in your navigation menu, while the DESCRIPTION allows you to provide more information to your visitors (this is especially important if you have multiple document libraries).  Finally, the STATUS of your document library can be either:

  • Public - this shows the document library as an option in your module website navigation
  • Private - the only way to access a private document library is if you know the exact URL, this is used when creating a new document library but not wanting to release it to the public
  • Inactive - this will block access to everyone from seeing information inside this library

Standard File Type = PDF

It is important that you add industry standard documents to your library to allow your users to easily read the information. 


TIP:  Normally when you are uploading documents to the library you would want each file to have a unique TITLE.  This is true only if you want to SORT by name.  When you have a category that you wish to sort by PUBLISH DATE (newsletters, council minutes etc...) the TITLE needs to be the exact same for all items.  When the search finds a list of information where the TITLE is the same, it then sorts by date (newest at the top).