Uploading Videos

If you want to upload your videos directly to TownLife then you must realize the end user still needs a player to *watch* the video, otherwise it will simply download the raw file to their desktop. 

The best recommendation is use an online video service that displays/streams/plays the video in a player that is file extension indepenedent (see below).

Managing Videos

When you want to add videos to your website TownLife recommends using www.youtube.com, if your video is more like a PowerPoint slide with alot of text you may consider www.vimeo.com

  • After creating your account
  • Upload the video
  • Copy the HTML Code generated from the Embed Option
  • Paste this into any Webpage on your TownLife website (using the HTML button)

  • YouTUBE is FREE
  • Learn more from YouTube Help
  • Embed your video by clicking SHARE then EMBED and simply copy and paste the code into your website



While you could upload your videos to TownLife the benefit in using these services is for a cross-browser and lag-free video player, regardless of the viewers location!