There are many ways to include your PDF information on your webpage.

1) Start by opening an section that includes the HTML tools, like a webpage.

2) Then click on the INSERT LINK button.

3) Click the DOCUMENTS section on the left side, then choose your file.

4) Now in the bottom right corner you see multiple options on how to add your PDF to this website:

  • Download Document Directly 
    • (clicking this automatically starts the download of the PDF to your local computer)
  • Insert Link to Document 
    • (opens a page showing more details about the content so they can choose if they want to open or download the file)
  • Insert Link to Full Screen Reader 
    • (allows the visitor to read the PDF on the website without needing any PDF tools on their computer, allows them to stay on  your website and doesn't require any additional tools to read the information)
  • Embed PDF directly into page 
    • (allows the visitor to see the full content of the PDF without any additional clicks or downloads)